Our Family Action Partnership

Why we’re proud to support Family Action

NewDay’s company Manifesto is all about helping people move forward with credit. But underpinning this important objective is a deeper responsibility — to play our part in helping those in the wider community who might be struggling to cope with the more fundamental aspects of their life. That’s why we’re so proud to support our charity partner Family Action.

Family Action transforms lives by providing practical, emotional and financial support to people experiencing a variety of complex issues such as poverty, mental health problems and social isolation.

Today, they work with over 45,000 families, and hundreds more individuals, across the UK.

Changing lives with Open Doors

Family Action’s ‘Open Doors Grants’ programme offers financial support to people with a wide variety of complex needs — from victims of domestic abuse to the homeless. We’re proud to support this genuinely life-changing initiative.

What have we achieved together?

From company to community

Colleagues from across NewDay support Family Action with a host of fund-raising events and activities throughout the year, including our annual Exercise Bike Challenge and Christmas Toy Appeal.

What’s more, the company has pledged to match, pound-for-pound, any personal sponsorship funds raised for Family Action by our colleagues competing in events such as the London Marathon and Tough Mudder.

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