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We’re one of the UK’s largest issuers of credit cards and we’re growing fast. In fact, we’re expecting to welcome over one million new customers in 2014. That’s because we’ve a clear, simple idea to guide us – we want to help people be better off, by being better with money. Our Chief Executive Officer, James Corcoran, tells you more…

Our manifesto

We’ll help people be better with money, so they can be better off

It’s a single-minded objective that we wholeheartedly believe in – and our newly-established manifesto guides the way we work towards it.

In practice, it means we accept as many people as possible, whilst still lending responsibly. We treat every customer as a long-term relationship, helping them during bad times as well as good.

We get to know how our customers manage their money with us, and use this knowledge to improve our services to them.

And we reward them for being better with money.

What’s in it for us? The better off our customers become, the better off our business will be.

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