We want to help our customers be better with credit so that they can enjoy the benefits it provides including financial flexibility and convenience. Our priority is to ensure that our products and services meet our customers’ needs.

Customers are at the heart of our Manifesto and our Manifesto is at the heart of our business strategy. It’s as simple as that.

As a result, we are committed to being a welcoming, understanding, knowing and rewarding business. That’s how we’ll build better long term relationships with all of our customers.

NewDay Manifesto

We will help our customers be better with credit, providing products that responsibly meet their needs. Whether this is offering new ways of accessing credit with a leading retailer or providing tools to facilitate customers’ management of their accounts, we will continuously strive to help customers responsibly make the most of their credit.

We offer an alternative approach to financial services that is in touch with people and their lives. It is an approach grounded in customer knowledge and differentiated by our passion to deliver the products, services, tools and expertise that best meet our customers’ needs.

Our objective is simple, we want to help our customers be better with credit – so they can access the benefits it provides. It’s about putting them in control so that they can make the most of their credit.

Consequently, we offer Co-brand products that are integral to customers’ shopping experiences, strengthening their relationships with our partners by making customers feel recognised and rewarded for their loyalty. Our credit building products support customers’ needs to establish or improve their credit records, providing them with access to the flexibility and benefits that credit provides.

Underpinning our approach are four core principles for our business. These principles help cement our relationships with our customers, ensuring that they are enduring and rewarding.

We are a welcoming business

We do our best to responsibly say yes to as many people as possible who apply for credit. We engage with customers, whether directly or through our partners, to ensure affordability criteria are met and that we provide the right service, offer the right rate and give clear information.

We want customers to have a great experience with us because our products and services are simple, intuitive, useful and are backed up by people committed to helping customers be better with credit.

We are an understanding business

We do not see our customers as a short-term revenue opportunity, but a lifelong relationship.

Our customers may want to change product as their circumstances change – we will help them with that change. If things are not going quite to plan for them, we will be there to offer support, coming up with a solution for moving forward.

We are a knowing business

We have considerable knowledge of the varying needs of our customers and provide a range of products to suit these different needs. Our approach is to provide the products, services and tools that help all of our customers be better with credit.

We use our analytical expertise, combined with partner insight, to the benefit of our customers. We provide tools that help people manage their credit more easily and access the benefits it provides.

We are a rewarding business

We reward our customers for being better with credit. This can mean sharing some of the proceeds that come from them paying on time and sticking to the commitments made to us or, through our bespoke Co-brand products developed with our partners, providing rewards for our customers’ loyalty.

Ultimately, our success as a business is based on helping customers be better with credit.

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