NewDay’s business strategy is focused on responsibly meeting the credit needs of customers in our target market, irrespective of where, when or how those needs arise. We provide simple and transparent credit products to customers who have traditionally been overlooked by mainstream lenders. We also provide customers with the tools and support to help them move forward with credit.

Responsibility is at the heart of our business. Our credit risk management controls, coupled with our customer knowledge, enables us to ensure that our products and services appropriately meet the needs of our customers. It also allows us to proactively review customers’ risk profiles.

Our Manifesto details our commitment to be a welcoming, knowing, understanding and rewarding business. It is the foundation to our business strategy and underpins our customer relationships. It also ensures that we consider the needs of all of our stakeholders so that we make informed, fair decisions that benefit our customers, colleagues, shareholders and partners, as well as our local communities.

We ask our customers how well they think our associates have performed in dealing with their call. I’m delighted to say that customers rate them as 9.1 out of 10. We’re very proud of our associates, who are the first point of contact with our customers. And we’re delighted that our customers feel the same way.

Francesca Rea Director of Customer Service
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