NewDay is committed to gender equality and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce. We welcome the Government’s initiative requiring organisations to be transparent and to disclose average earnings for men and women, and any bonuses paid.


This report includes the gender pay gap results for the snapshot date of 5 April 2017, calculated by looking at data from all of the different roles in NewDay, using the methodology set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.

This measures the difference in the average hourly pay and bonus pay paid to men and women across our entire organisation – it does not directly compare people or groups carrying out the same or similar roles.

The mean (or average) is the sum of all hourly rates or the sum of all bonus payments paid, divided by the number of relevant employees.

The median number is the middle figure when the hourly rates or the bonus payments paid to all employees are listed in the order of highest to lowest.

Our Results

We promote equal opportunities for progression and pay. Our reward model is gender neutral by design and we apply the same approach to all employees regardless of gender. We have a higher number of men in the most senior roles, compared to a higher number of women in more junior roles and this, combined with an under-representation of men in junior roles, is the principal reason why our Gender Pay Gap Report shows an overall mean pay gap of 35% between men and women.

The higher number of men at a senior management level is the main reason for the Bonus Gap. Although more women (83%) than men (74%), across the organisation, received a bonus in 2017, the amount of men we have in senior roles compared to women means that the mean bonus gap is 67%.

Our approach to talent

We are committed to ensuring that we continue to create a fair and ethical workplace in which all of our colleagues can perform at their best regardless of gender, ethnicity, or other characteristics.

Although diversity is important at NewDay, we will not try to influence statistics by selecting candidates based on any of these criteria alone. Instead we promote opportunities for all our colleagues in order to maximise their potential to progress within the business. We are committed to ensuring that we continue to have a diverse talent pipeline by making sure that we have as many women as possible included in our selection process for all roles, both internally and externally. We advertise our vacancies internally, allowing everyone with over 12 months’ service to apply. We were pleased that 12% of our people moved into a new role in 2017 and our goal in our hiring strategy is to ensure we place the best talent in NewDay. We conduct our interviews in a consistent manner using our interview competency framework, and provide interview training to managers, which includes a module on unconscious bias. In 2017 we made more offers to women than men. We are delighted to say that 77% of our colleagues feel positively engaged with NewDay, measured in our annual Pulse Survey, where we were pleased to have a 91% completion rate of the survey across our colleague population.

Our commitment is to attract, engage, motivate and retain the highest performing team at NewDay and we are very proud of our colleagues, and of the success we have all created together. As we continue to build our Company we look forward to welcoming diversity in talent, in skill set and in experience to join us.

James Corcoran

Chief Executive Officer

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