We have a portfolio of 19 brands designed to meet a range of different consumer credit needs. This includes 4 of our own brands alongside a stable of retail and e-tail partnerships with leading brands.


We serve a broad spectrum of customers

Our Own-brand business serves customers who typically are employed but exhibit one or more additional characteristics such as a limited credit history or a history of adverse credit events that prevents them from easily accessing credit from mainstream credit providers.

Our Co-brand retail partners value our ability to serve a broad range of prime and near-prime customers. We do this by offering a spectrum of credit products including NewPay, our digital revolving credit product. They also value our modern customer offering and the power that our offering brings to their online platforms in building customer loyalty.


Our products meet specific customer needs

We are in our fourth year of partnership with Amazon UK. The Amazon Mastercard products continue to offer customers a credit card automatically loaded into the Amazon wallet, further enhancing the seamless Amazon shopping experience. Both the Classic and Platinum card offer a range of reward benefits, with Classic customers automatically upgraded to Platinum after 12 months of positive credit behaviour.

“Having a payment method that’s integrated into Amazon works really well for me”

Haider, Amazon Mastercard customer, Cambridge

In 2019, we launched our partnership with leading UK online electrical goods e-tailer AO.com. Leveraging our NewPay platform, AO Finance offers customers the ability to spread the cost of purchases through easy and affordable payment options using a flexible finance account. Customers have access to a range of convenient finance options so they can repay their balance in ways that suit them.

”Customers want options whilst shopping and AO Finance gives them lots of choices,  way beyond what they have had before”

David Lawson, Managing Director, AO.com

We know that our customers are more than their credit scores. For over 18 years, our Aqua brand has been responsibly providing credit to consumers who are not easily served by mainstream lenders. We meet a very clear nearprime customer need – credit building. Aqua offers sensible credit limits and all the tools and support needed for customers to begin a journey to be better with credit and appropriate financial inclusion.

“Feeling trusted again means so much to me because I can look forward to building my future”

Claire, Aqua customer, Middlesbrough

We launched the Fluid brand in 2018, offering near-prime consumers access to competitive balance transfers – a need identified in the market. Fluid helps customers save on interest with a 0% interest balance transfer offer with initial credit limits of between £300 and £2,500.

“I already had a credit card that was at a higher interest rate. I did a balance transfer from my other credit card to Fluid which had 0% interest for nine months. It came at the right time”

Sarah, Fluid customer, Warminster

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