We are a major consumer credit financial services company with 5.4 million customers in the UK. We provide products and services for customers in two unsecured credit market sectors; we have operated our Near Prime business since 2002 and acquired our Co-brand business from Santander UK in May 2013. The Company was rebranded from SAV Credit to NewDay in April 2014.

We use our extensive customer knowledge of the Near Prime and Co-brand sectors to develop products and services that evolve in line with customers’ needs, promote long-term customer relationships and deliver strong business growth.

Our proprietary risk management models and segmented approach to both sectors enable us to target the specific needs of customers with tailored products. This approach, coupled with our continued commitment to responsible lending and outstanding customer service, has allowed us to deliver a strong balance sheet and high cash flow generation, providing a foundation for growth and attractive shareholder returns.

In the Near Prime credit card sector we have three products – aqua, marbles and Opus. Our lead brand for new customer acquisitions is aqua which, over time, has expanded into a range of five credit card offerings. Opus has been closed to new customers since its acquisition and marbles was re-launched in May 2015.

In the Co-brand sector, we provide credit card products in partnership with several of the UK’s established retailers, including Arcadia Group, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Laura Ashley. Our products include store cards, which are generally limited to use with a single retailer, and branded credit cards, which can be used more widely.

We want to establish long-term relationships with our customers. We believe that we will achieve this not only by providing products and services tailored to our customers’ needs, but also, as articulated in our Manifesto, by helping customers move forward with credit. This can include providing tools and support for customers to establish a positive credit record in our Near Prime portfolios and ensuring that brand loyalty is rewarded in our Co-brand portfolios (through our retailer relationships).

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